End of Summer-- New School Year!

Saying Goodbye to your Summer and Gearing up for the New Year! 

Well, it’s officially August… we all know what that means– summer is now coming to an end and it’s time to start gearing up for a new school year. Teachers handle this in many ways, some go with the classic: denial. They completely put out of their mind that they have to go back to work and then lo and behold– it’s night before school starts and they panic! Some teachers begin to over schedule their remaining time with all of things they were wanting to do over the summer: beach trip, brunch, shopping, movies, dinners out, weekend get-a-way… you name it! Others, accept that it’s happening and begin to transition, slowly, to their school year schedule and life style. My approach is kind of a blend of scheduling fun things and acceptance. Hopefully the tips below help make your transition easier!

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