Some great ideas for using neon expo markers in the classroom!

Fun With Neon Expo Markers!

Here is a quick and fun piece of inspiration for you to use after Thanksgiving break: Neon Expo Markers can write on lab tables! Let’s talk about ways to utilize this awesome piece of information!

When I walked into one of the bio rooms last week, I saw that the lab tables were covered with neon writing and drawings (then, the next day, I saw the same thing in the Ag room!). When I asked my colleague about it, she told me it was just written with Neon Expo Markers. What?!? I was so excited! I actually had Neon Expo Markers in my classroom! Armed with this new information, I had to come up with a way to use it before the break.

I had a test planned for the Friday before break to allow my students to completely relax during their time off. I always do some type of review activity during class the day before a test. I decided to employ the Neon Expo Markers as part of my approach to content review. I walked around the room and at each lab station, I wrote 4 review questions. I had my students get out a piece of binder paper and grab a clip board. I then had students walk around the room and go to each lab station and read each question. If it took longer than 10-15 seconds for them to answer the question, they were to write the question down as a topic to study that night in preparation for the test. This worked out well because each student was able to create their own personalized study guide to help them prepare for the test.

Some great ideas on how to use neon expo markers in the classroom.

My students were intrigued by the writing on the tables when they first walked in. They were excited to do the “walk around review” (well, as excited as you can be for a review). I had a lot of students telling me that the walk around review was really helpful and they liked the writing on the tables.

I have not cleaned the writing off my tables yet as I want my students to be able to use the same review technique in case they retake the test for a better score after break. My colleague told me it washes off easily with water and a bit of soap. I will update you after I get back to work and attempt to clean it all off.

I am looking forward to use these markers in class more. I can see my students drawing representations of chemical bonds on the tables. I can also see the application of these markers for drawing locations of where materials should be kept at lab stations (for my fellow type-A personalities who like their lab stations to be kept looking organized and neat all day long). 

Enjoy your thanksgiving break! For my non-American readers, enjoy this lovely mid-november week!

-The Ardent Teacher


Have you used this in your own classroom? Tell us about it in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Fun With Neon Expo Markers!

    • Thanks! I’m glad to hear that you were inspired by this post! I’m sorry you can’t use it immediately though. Hopefully you’ll get to go back to a classroom with the lab countertops, or maybe they will get you lab tables for the students to sit in. That’s what I would really like in my room :)


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