End of Summer-- New School Year!

Saying Goodbye to your Summer and Gearing up for the New Year! 

Well, it’s officially August… we all know what that means– summer is now coming to an end and it’s time to start gearing up for a new school year. Teachers handle this in many ways, some go with the classic: denial. They completely put out of their mind that they have to go back to work and then lo and behold– it’s night before school starts and they panic! Some teachers begin to over schedule their remaining time with all of things they were wanting to do over the summer: beach trip, brunch, shopping, movies, dinners out, weekend get-a-way… you name it! Others, accept that it’s happening and begin to transition, slowly, to their school year schedule and life style. My approach is kind of a blend of scheduling fun things and acceptance. Hopefully the tips below help make your transition easier!

Acceptance. Acceptance is key. In order to prepare yourself both mentally and emotionally, you need to accept that your summer is over and soon it’s off to work you go. The sooner you accept this simple fact, the sooner you can begin your transition back to your ‘old life’. And, really, let’s be honest folks– it’s not the end of the world! Summer has this funny way of coming back every year! So, do not despair! You and your summer will be reunited again soon enough!

Prioritize. Once you understand that your summer is almost over, you can begin to prioritize your wants and needs to maximize your remaining time. What are some things you really wanted to do before going back to work? Weekend lake get-a-way? Plan it out! That just might be the great lasting memory that makes the start of your school year extra happy. You don’t want to start out your year regretting the things you did not do. That friend that you have been going back and forth with trying to plan something? Make it happen! You know you wont have as much time once school starts back up. What about that great book on classroom management you were wanting to take a look at? Pour a glass of something refreshing, grab a snack and enjoy the book outside in the wonderful warm weather (plus, it will feel less like work and more like summer).

Pump yourself up! Last year I blogged about the ways I get myself ready for the new school year (like watching inspirational teaching movies!). Some other things to consider when getting pumped for the new year are… Meditate/reflect on the wonderful things that you love about being a teacher. If you have a gratitude folder (like I talk about in this post), this would be a good time to read through it. Reading the kind words of former students and parents can be a nice reminder of the teacher you want be and hopefully it extends throughout the year. Another big factor for getting pumped up: consider your classroom decor– are you going with a new theme? Will do change anything? Signs? Posters? Colors? I find that the changes make it feel fresh and new. Even rearranging things can be fun! Try your teacher desk in a new location or change the layout of your desks (I also talked about various desk layouts in this post from last school year). Giving your classroom a fresh feel can be invigorating and make the start of your school year extra exciting!

Now, I am going to get back to enjoying my last few moments of summer!

-The Ardent Teacher


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